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The New Frontier is where tech meets business. Radical shifts in technology and finance are ushering in a new economic order. The problem: Companies, governments, and managers still compete based on old market logic.

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The New Frontier is the essential compass to an economy that that is fueled by digital money and digital identities, that feeds on data more than oil, and that lives through a transformation unseen since the rise of computers. I look at how the news of the day links to pivotal trends that often go unnoticed.

Major focal points of The New Frontier:

-        The fundamental overhaul of the monetary and financial system

-        Big Tech and Big Banking + their challengers

-        The rivalry between the US and China + the role of the EU

-        Seminal regulation, especially on data privacy, competition, and vital industries

-        Key technologies such as blockchain, AI, and cloud computing

-       Decentralized finance, DLT, crypto, and central bank digital currency, as well as occasionally more visionary tech such as quantum computing

To get a better idea of the publication, read the first issue here:

The New Frontier
Dawn of a New Frontier
To fix a broken system of online security in finance, blockchain was born. Now it is combining with other tech to fuel an entirely new economic order…
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  • In a addition to a monthly article subscribers get my entire 3.5h Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals course for free! (worth $99)

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About me

As an author, keynote speaker, and banker I am captivated by technology and finance. Lauded by McKinsey and the Financial Times and winner of the Independent Press Award, my book Blockchain Babel brought blockchain to the boardroom. Ever since, my articles and keynotes continue to educate executives and experts of all industries about the long-term strategic impact of new tech.

I have held multiple management roles within banking and payments, currently at one of the largest banking groups in Europe. Moreover, I have consulted Fortune 100 companies, taught at the University of Vienna, and worked as a business journalist.

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Igor Pejic

Author, keynote speaker, and banker - Igor Pejic is a leading voice on technology and finance.