Dear readers, last December I launched the on-demand course called Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Fundamentals. Subscribers to The New Frontier have free…
Jump Capital stole back the money a hacker robbed last year. Though good news, the heist once more exposes the radical crypto-narrative of…

February 2023

This is the new canon for the leaders of financial services in the digital age

January 2023

This crypto-winter is unlike any before. Despite the scale of wealth burnt, the lessons from the past are no indicator for the future.

December 2022

The parallels between FTX and Theranos are striking except in one regard and this is what makes the FTX-downfall so catastrophic.

November 2022

Last week Meta, Facebook’s holding company, published its third quarter results and shocked investors across the world. In October 2021 Mark Zuckerberg…

October 2022

In the past century Europe has slumbered away many a technological revolution, whether it was the age of electronics or that of cloud computing. Just…

September 2022

In my previous series on legacy systems, I have shown how old technology makes corporations sluggish, sometimes even lethargic. This antiquated heritage…

August 2022

(Legacy Series 3/3)

July 2022

(Legacy Series 2/3)

June 2022

(Legacy Series 1/3)

May 2022

Last October Mark Zuckerberg announced he would create a holding company for his social media platforms Facebook, Instagram, and WhatsApp. The name of…